Henrik Duncker

Kājām pa Brīvības ielu  Freedom street by foot

For this project I spent two days walking Brīvības iela – Riga's main street – from the city's outskirts to the Freedom Monument in the city centre. I photographed with a smartphone and sent files wirelessly to my printing & installation assistant in the gallery, which was open for public during the process. The pictures were hanged in a row, more or less along the timeline. Altogether 100 pictures were displayed in the exhibition space named room9.

I usually drive into Rīga along Brīvības street so my idea of the avenue is a hasty collage of moving images seen through the car windows. For this series I was interested in composing more of a pedestrian's view; a grassroot look into details and sights taken from the viewpoint of anyone who walks about the noisy avenue minding their daily routines. I was looking at the building facades, pavement surfaces, construction works, peeking into the backyards and corridors, studying the food offering and businesses – aiming to reflect the ordinary and the extraordinary, to democratically record the unexpected, the grandiose and the nothing.

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